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NEWS Press Releases Armenia Fund’s “Fruitful Artsakh” Telethon raises $12.505.456 million
Armenia Fund’s “Fruitful Artsakh” Telethon raises $12.505.456 million
“Fruitful Artsakh,” Armenia Fund’s 20th international Thanksgiving Day Telethon, raised $12.505.456 million in donations and pledges. The proceeds from the pan-Armenian event, which was held on November 23, will help boost agriculture in Artsakh through two major projects: the drilling of deep-water wells and construction of irrigation networks; and the installation of solar power stations.

Held annually in Los Angeles, the Armenia Fund Telethon is broadcast across the United States and internationally. Since its inception 25 years ago, the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund has implemented over 50,000 projects in Armenia and Artsakh, with a total value of more than $350 million, through the support of close to 700,000 donors. These projects include the construction or renovation of more than 605 kilometers of roads and highways; 580 kilometers of water pipelines, networks, and canals; 149 kilometers of gas pipelines and networks; 70 kilometers of power lines; 359 schools and kindergartens; 24 community centers; 500 houses and apartments; 75 hospitals and clinics; 58 cultural institutions and sports complexes; and 100 greenhouses; as well as 169 educational, cultural, and scientific initiatives.

The Telethon major donors include
Anonymous benefactor/US/ - 2 500 000 $
Samvel Karapetyan - 2, 2500 000 $
Zangezur CopperMolybdenum Combine -350 000 $
Samvel Aleksanyan - 200 000 $
The Vardanyan family, owners of Grand Holding, LLC - 125.000 $
Varuzhan Grigoryan - 100 000 $
Barsegh Beglaryan - 100 000 $
Anonymous benefactor /US/ -100.000 $
The Baghdasaryan family /US/ - 100 000 $
Henrik Der Ghoukasian /Iran/ - 100 000$
"Vallex" group companies - 100 000 $
Vahe Karapetian - 60 000 $
Jean-Marie Atamian - 50 000 $
Albert Boyajian - 50 000 $

Telethon 2017’s general sponsor in Armenia was Inecobank, and the broadcast sponsor was Unibank.

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With 700,000 donors worldwide, Hayastan All-Armenian Fund is among organizations most trusted by supporters

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