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NEWS Press Releases Best Student of Yerevan Conservatory Received a Scolarship
Best Student of Yerevan Conservatory Received a Scolarship
For professional musicians, the instrument on which they play is more than just a tool of the trade. It can also be a muse, a partner and a voice. Shushanik Muradkhanyan, 20, carries her precious violin with her almost everywhere for last 8 years. Shushanik’s violin is a gift from her mother, who is a violinist as well.

Shushanik started playing the violin at age 6 and won her first competition at 14. Having musically talented parents automatically ensured that kid would grow up to be equally as talented. “I wished my younger brother would play an instrument too, especially a violoncello, but Mom said that three musicians in a house are quite enough”, says Shushanik.

Since 2013, Shushanik studies at Komitas State Conservatory of Yerevan, having high grades, attending to concerts, etc. This year Shushanik became the best student of Conservatory, meaning she will receive a special scholarship by benefactors Hrair and Martha Albarians.

Since 2008, the benefactors Hrair and Martha Albarians with Hayastan All-Armenian Fund announce a scholarship contest for the students of Yerevan Conservatory. Each year one student receives a scholarshiop of 500$. Conservatory represents the applications of a number of students and the benefactors choose the winner.

Shushanik is the ninth student of Yerevan Conservatory, receiving Albarians’ scolarship. On 4th of July Shushanik visited Hayastan All-Armenian Fund, where she was awarded with a congratulatory diploma and received a scholarship. Aida Khachikyan, Advisor to the Executive Director of Hayastyan All-Armenian Fund, conducted a little talk with Shushanik, relating to her plans and professional success. Also Mrs Khachikyan presented some programs of the Fund, that could interest a professional musician.

Violin has played it special part in the end of the meeting: the best student of Yerevan Conservatory played one of her favorite pieces of classical music.

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