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NEWS Press Releases Zaven Khanjian, Executive Director of the Armenian Missionary Association of America: congratulations on the Hayastan Fund 25th anniversary
Zaven Khanjian, Executive Director of the Armenian Missionary Association of America: congratulations on the Hayastan Fund 25th anniversary
On behalf of the global Armenian Evangelical community, I salute the 25th anniversary of IIHayastan" All Armenian Fund. The mission that gathers us all around HAAF is sacred and holy. HAAF has been dear and central to my life, the life of the Armenian Missionary Association of America and the worldwide Armenian Evangelical church. As such, on this silver anniversary, I extend my heartfelt congratulations to the Armenian people; I revere the visionaries, the multitude of unsung heroes, the benefactors large and small, and all devoted and skillful administrators. We are cognizant of the honorable and blessed path that HAAF has left behind
and the amazing goodness stamped on the soil of the fatherland and the physical and spiritual lives of its people. As an integral component of this Pan Armenian entity, its children in all corners of the world are called upon to exercise their conviction of IIAII Armenian"ness through their gracious donations. In order to expand the stream of donors and the popular base of HAAF, it is imperative to advance and widely pitch the ideology of a IINational tribute."
Similarly, HAAF needs to compassionately embrace: A. Our disenfranchised and vulnerable kin, hopelessly roaming the new and old Diasporas. B. Our tactile, but wounded Artsakh; our pride and balm to the collective grief and pain of the lost homeland. The Armenian Evangelical community and the Armenian Missionary Association of America remain faithful to the above credos and its realization through IIHayastan" All Armenian Fund. Best wishes for a thriving journey into the depths of the future to IIHayastan" All Armenian Fund.

Zaven Khanjian
Executive Director/CEO

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