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NEWS Press Releases Telethon 2016: a call to action
Telethon 2016: a call to action
The Executive Board of the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund is gearing up for its traditional Thanksgiving Day Telethon, which will take place within a few days. In the meantime, several Armenian communities are conducting or have already completed their own fundraising campaigns.

Almost as a rule, our activities come under media and public spotlight during this period — a fact which we most certainly welcome, as it gives us the opportunity to gain a fresh perspective on our work, and, if need be, take steps to improve it.

One important subject that comes up during this time is the public’s trust in our work. We think this is quite natural and valid, given the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund’s stature as the Armenian world’s number-one benevolent organization and given its impact, in terms of both geographical reach and programmatic scale. I don’t see the need to list here the hundreds of projects which the Fund has implemented in the past 25 years with your support, genuinely transforming the face of entire communities and the lives of their residents.

Today, the public can follow the implementation of our projects at every step, from start to finish, through out websites and Facebook pages; through the photos, documentary videos, press releases, and feature stories which we regularly publish; through project-site visits; and through our physical as well as financial audits.

I am delighted to state that the worldwide Armenian community’s trust in our work remains extremely strong, as demonstrated by the close to 50 large and small projects which we carry out every year in Armenia and Artsakh, thanks to pan-Armenian collaboration and unity. Another testament to public trust and the growing number of our donors is the fundraising gala which our compatriots in Toronto held a few days ago, raising a record US $1 million in contributions. Just as we express our profound gratitude to our compatriots across the diaspora, I believe that, first and foremost, we must continue to be demanding of ourselves.

I wish all of us an outstanding Telethon, and may many more people of good will join our ranks!

Ara Vardanyan

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