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PROJECT Armenia Projects Rural Community Development Construction of Buckwheat Processing Plant in Bavra village, Shirak Region, Armenia
Construction of Buckwheat Processing Plant in Bavra village, Shirak Region, Armenia
donor(s)/sponsor(s): Hayastan All Armenian Fund – Argentina
start date:  2016 September
end date:  2017 August
status: Ongoing

Bavra, a village of 570 people, is located in Shirak region of Armenia. The main source of income for the villagers is agriculture, mainly cattle breeding. The other forms of agriculture are underdeveloped due to harsh climate conditions of this area.
In 2015 Hayastan All-Armenian Fund built a multifunctional community center in the village, which included municipality, events hall, library and a computer lab. The village has a school with 70 students. Next to the school, a playground is located, which was also recently built by Hayastan All Armenian Fund and the Armenian community of Argentina.
Currently, Hayastan All Armenian Fund with the support of Armenian community of Argentina is building a buckwheat processing plant. The cultivation of buckwheat will be carried out in association with “European Neighbourhood Programme for Agriculture and Rural Development” (ENPARD). The project aims at developing the crop production, which will provide the local consumer with locally produced affordable produce. Overall, in the six regions of Armenia within the framework of ENPARD project, 510ha buckwheat is being cultivated, out of which 240 in Shirak region. This year, it is expected that an average of 20-30 centners harvest will be collected per hectare.
The construction of buckwheat processing plant will create new job opportunities for the people of Bavra community and foster the development of this lucrative sphere of agriculture.

Devecyan Family (Argentina)


  • February-March 2017
  • January 2017
  • November 2016
  • October 2016

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