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NEWS Press Releases Reconstruction of Vardenis-Martakert highway nears completion
Reconstruction of Vardenis-Martakert highway nears completion
The reconstruction of the Vardenis-Martakert Highway is nearing completion. The large-scale project is being implemented by the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund, with proceeds from its 2013 and 2014 Thanksgiving-Day Telethons, and additional financial support from the governments of Armenia and Nagorno Karabakh. The project is being carried out by the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund in tandem with its strategic and numerous other development and assistance projects.

The former heavy-going road now has a width of ten or more meters, seven meters of which comprise paved surfaces for traffic. In the course of the past year, crews have installed engineering systems and fittings including drainage grates and pipes, embankments, crash barriers, and retaining walls. In addition, a dozen of big and small bridges along the route were reconstructed. Sidewalks have been built in stretches which pass through communities, especially those of Getavan and Yeghegnut.

To ensure the highest possible asphalt quality, components such as gravel, sand, and other organic matter sourced from various areas as well as finished asphalt specimens were periodically being lab-tested.

As of October 24, 110 kilometers of the highway have been paved, 88 kilometers of which with two layers of asphalt. Today earthwork is being carried out in the 4 kilometers of serpentine stretch following Sotk. During the entire course of the project so far, the route has remained open to car traffic.

The Vardenis-Martakert Highway will not only function as an additional lifeline between northern Armenia and northern Artsakh, significantly cutting down travel times, but will also strengthen links between communities and boost the overall economies and specifically tourism industries of the twin republics. The highway will also provide travelers with unprecedented ease to visit historic and cultural sites and enjoy the natural beauty of our homeland.

In recent years, the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund has implemented several infrastructure and community-development projects in towns and villages near the Vardenis-Martakert Highway. Thanks to these projects, Karvachar and Getavan now enjoy normal access to water, while Chapar, Verin Horatagh, and Vaghuhas have new schools. Currently the fund is building multifunctional community centers in Getavan and Kochoghut.

The Vardenis-Martakert Highway will pave the way for new socio-economic infrastructures which will improve the daily lives of local communities. Moreover, it will create business opportunities and boost general community development, providing villagers with stable incomes and helping raise living standards.

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