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NEWS Press Releases Construction of community center in Karin Tak Village nears completion
Construction of community center in Karin Tak Village nears completion
The Hayastan All-Armenian Fund will soon complete the construction of a multifunctional community center in Karin Tak, a village in Artsakh’s Shushi Region. The project is co-sponsored by the fund’s Argentinean affiliate — with a donation from the Devejian family —and the government of Artsakh.

Located in a canyon 2.5 kilometers below Shushi, Karin Tak is built on steep terrain, with sheer vertical cliffs towering above it. Despite many difficulties, including a sloping geographical position, this is a vibrant village, with a population of 660. The two-story community center being built here is slated to open its doors within a few months. Consisting of a health clinic, an events hall, a library, a computer room, and the mayor’s office, the center will be a boon to the everyday life of the community.

The community-center project will complement other development projects carried out by the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund in Karin Tak, including a water network and a renovated school gym.

“The community center, which is being constructed in a neighborhood at the entryway of Karin Tak, will soon welcome the residents of the village and tourists alike,” said Ara Vardanyan, executive director of the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund.

On January 26, the village celebrated Battle of Karin Tak Day. On that day in 1992, Azerbaijani troops surrounded and attacked the village, intent on massacring its Armenian population and moving on to other targets. Yet the residents of Karin Tak, despite being outnumbered and outgunned, mounted a fierce resistance and emerged victorious.

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