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President of the Republic of Armenia Prizes for 2013

In the nomination of “Persons having made a valuable contribution to the recognition of the Armenian Genocide”
1. Amatuni VIRABYAN, Gohar AVAGYAN (ARMENIA) for the 3-volume collection of documents “The Armenian Genocide in the Ottoman Turkey: Testimonies of Survivors (1916-1917)” in Armenian and selected collection in English.
2. Yair AURON(ISRAEL) for the book “Zionism and the Armenian Genocide”, and his academic activities over the past decades.

In Development of Natural Sciences
Yevgeni MAMASAKHLISOV, Shushanik TONOYAN, Vladimir MOROZOV for the series of scientific articles “Theory of the conformational transitions in biological macromolecules”

In Technical Sciences & Information Technologies
Surik KHUDAVERDYAN, Vladimir ARUSTAMYAN, Janna DOKHOLYAN, Stepan TSATURYAN, Mane KHACHATRYAN for the series of scientific articles “New Multipurpose Semiconductor Sensor for the Spectral Analysis of the Optical Signal”

In Arts
No Prize

In Medical Sciences
No Prize

In Physics
Albert KIRAKOSYAN, Arshak VARDANYAN, Manouk BARSEGHYAN, Vram MUGHNETSYAN for the series of scientific articles “Control of quasiparticle states and dynamic characteristics in semiconducting nanosystems by physical factors”

In Literature
No Prize

In Development of Humanities
No Prize

President of the Republic Youth Prizes

In Arts
1. Gor GYURDJYAN for the painting “Overcoming”
2. Zhanna NAZARYAN, Razmik NAZARYAN for the documentary “Alongside with us”

In Literature
Mane GRIGORYAN for the collection of poems “Cold woman”

In Vocal Art of Classical Music
Luiza YEREMYAN, Sergey SARGSYAN, Grigor ABRAHAMYAN for high performance art

In Instrumental Performance of Classical Music
Zhora SARGSYAN (Piano) for the best performance

Since establishment of the President of the Republic of Armenia Prizes (2001-2014) 250 persons have been awarded prizes, including 18 international prizes.
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