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NEWS Press Releases Hayastan All-Armenian Fund and ACBA-Credit Agricole Bank deliver surprise Christmas present to Mary Izmirlian Children’s Home
Hayastan All-Armenian Fund and ACBA-Credit Agricole Bank deliver surprise Christmas present to Mary Izmirlian Children’s Home
Gift is provided through Armenia’s first-ever public-benefit credit-card program
On December 26, the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund and ACBA-Credit Agricole Bank delivered a surprise Christmas present, a Hyundai H-1 minibus, to Yerevan’s Mary Izmirlian Children’s Home.

The gift was made through the “Barerar” (“Benefactor”) Visa-card program, Armenia’s first-ever public-benefit credit-card initiative. The program, aimed at supporting orphanages across the republic, was launched on November 22 through a partnership between the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund and ACBA-Credit Agricole Bank.

Within the framework of the program, the bank donates 0.3% of every purchase made with the “Barerar” Visa card, as well as 50% of the card’s annual fee, to the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund, in support of orphanages. Card holders also have the option of authorizing the bank to make automatic monthly transfers of at least 100 drams from their accounts in support of the program.

The Mary Izmirlian Children’s Home provides care to children of indigent families as well as those with physical disabilities or other health issues. Given that the facility urgently needed to provide safe and comfortable transportation to children under its care, it was chosen as the recipient of the Hyundai H-1 minibus, the “Barerar” program’s first major gift.

“Although the ‘Barerar’ program is only a little over one month old, our joint efforts have resulted in our first important donation, helping ease the burden of an orphanage,” said Stepan Gishyan, chief executive director of ACBA-Credit Agricole Bank. “I’m very happy to report that already numerous people have obtained the ‘Barerar’ Visa card and are using it for their everyday purchases. This is a noteworthy phenomenon, one which makes us confident that we’ll be able to realize all our planned initiatives in support of orphanages.”

On his part, Ara Vardanyan, executive director of the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund, commented on the significance of the “Barerar” program. “In addition to state assistance provided to orphanages, the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund and individual benefactors alike have stood by them through a great many projects since the early 1990s,” he said. “The ‘Barerar’ program marks a new milestone, by not only bringing the philanthropic support of one of Armenia’s top banks, but giving regular citizens the opportunity and convenience of contributing to a worthwhile cause.”

The “Barerar” Visa card can also be used as a payroll card, and ACBA-Credit Agricole Bank is waiving its fees for this purpose in order to encourage as many consumers as possible to join the program.
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