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NEWS Press Releases Statement on Hayastan All-Armenian Fund’s Assistance to Syrian Armenians
Statement on Hayastan All-Armenian Fund’s Assistance to Syrian Armenians
As it has been announced, the Board of Trustees of Hayastan All-Armenian Fund made a unanimous decision during its May 30, 2012 meeting that the proceeds of the 2012 global fundraising efforts in general and the upcoming Thanksgiving Day Telethon 2012 in particular will be directed for the construction of new Multifunctional Community Centers in Artsakh’s remote borderline villages.

These structures will house a health care center, a library, a modern computer room with internet access, an auditorium for trainings, town hall meetings and cultural events, as well as a village administration and accounting office. As always, Armenia Fund will also continue on its long-term infrastructure development mission that is building and reconstructing schools, kindergartens, hospitals, waterways, natural gas mains, roads, as well as its agricultural development and humanitarian assistance projects in Armenia and Artsakh.

Nonetheless, taking into account the deteriorating humanitarian situation in the Syrian Arab Republic and its devastating impact on the 100,000 strong Syrian Armenian community, Hayastan All-Armenian Fund was among the very first Armenian organizations to make a decision (although not widely publicized at the request and advice of the Armenian community in Syria), to include assistance to Syrian Armenians as a part of its fundraising efforts for the year 2012. Armenia Fund established a special bank account and began accepting donations from Armenians throughout the world for the benefit of Syrian Armenians. As part of the humanitarian effort, Armenia Fund also chartered a plane to Syria in August flying Syrian Armenians to Armenia free of charge.

As far as its November fundraising is concerned, Hayastan All-Armenian Fund takes a note that each of its 25 affiliates around the world is subject to respective laws and regulations governing non-profit humanitarian organizations and is accountable to the authorities of the country that the affiliate is registered in. Each affiliate is also guided by the terms of its own bylaws/charter at the time of establishment. Thus, despite the decision taken by Hayastan All-Armenian Fund to assist Syrian Armenians at the time of crisis, contributions of every affiliate to the Syrian Armenian relief efforts will vary.

It has already been announced that Fonds Arménien de France will contribute 10% of its Phone-a-thon proceeds to the humanitarian needs of the Armenian community in Syria, Executive Board of Hayastan All-Armenian Fund will contribute 10% of all donations made in Armenia and Artsakh to the humanitarian needs of the Armenian community in Syria, while Armenia Fund U.S. Western Region will contribute 10% of its Telethon-day proceeds to the humanitarian needs of Syrian Armenians in Armenia. Exceptions are contributions that have specific restrictions put in place by the donor as per the specific individual project in Armenia or Artsakh. Likewise, donor advised restrictions can also specify contributions benefitting Syrian Armenians exclusively.

Armenia Fund calls on all Diaspora-based Armenian organizations to contribute a certain portion of their regular fundraising proceeds to the relief efforts benefitting Syrian Armenians. Armenia Fund’s International Thanksgiving Day Telethon will air on November 22 live for 12 hours, 8:00am-8:00pm PST.
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