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23 local committees and independent organizations with which Hayastan All Armenian Fund cooperates

The Hayastan All-Armenian Fund implements its projects through a global network of 23 affiliates and independent organizations, which operate in the United States (Los Angeles and New York), Canada (Toronto and Montreal), France, Great Britain, Germany, Austria, The Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, Australia, Brazil, Lebanon, Argentina (Buenos Aires and Cordoba), Greece, Cyprus, Uruguay, Romania, Russian Federation, Iran and Italy. The mentioned last 10 affiliates have been opened in 2009-2012 years.

The local affiliates closely cooperate with representatives of church, non-governmental and charity organizations operating in their communities, as well as with Diaspora donors and dignitaries. The Fund’s Yerevan based Executive Board and affiliates are reportable to the Board of Trustees.

Hayastan All Armenian Fund Germany
Chairman: Gilbert Moumdjian
Address: Armenien-Fonds e.V.
c/o Gilbert Moumdjian
Forststrasse 10, 85521 Riemerling, Germany
Phone: +49 89-6704181
Fax: + 49 89-66086528

Phone: 089-6704181
Fax: 089-66086528
Email: -
Chairman: Gilbert Moumdjian
Forststrasse 10
85521 Riemerling
Tel. 089/6704181
Fax 089/66086528
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