Why us

Because we are aiming to change the future of young generation
We are doing our best to improve the living of elderly
We are giving a chance for education

25 Years of experience, quality and trust
1100 Major projects in Armenia and Artsakh
700 000 Benefactors across the globe
350 000 000 US $ Investment in Armenia and in Artsakh
500 000 Beneficiaries in Armenia and Artsakh

We have

We have created the needed environment to make the donation process as trustworthy and easy as possible
  • A Board of Trustees comprising representatives of political, spiritual, Armenian traditional charity organizations, and many prominent individuals and benefactors from Armenia, Artsakh and the Diaspora;
  • Affiliates and partner organizations in 18 countries;
  • Up-to-date and available donation mechanisms;
  • Tax exemption/deduction for donations (where available);
  • Cooperation with governments of foreign countries (France, the Netherlands, Italy, Greece, India, Lebanon, China);
  • Cooperation with public sector and private organizations

Our advantages

Our actions best represent our advantages. Join our army of donors. Make the change right now!
  • The lowest overhead in the sphere;
  • Project evaluation and needs assessment;
  • Open construction biddings;
  • Co-financing mechanisms
  • A-Z implementation of projects;
  • Guarantee and post-guarantee servicing and monitoring;
  • Wide range of projects;
  • International financial and physical audit of the projects;
  • Comprehensive control and monitoring of the projects;
  • Financial and projects’ progress reports;
  • Public awareness and mass media coverage;
  • Encouragement of project proposals by benefactors;
  • Encouragement of innovative ideas