Hayastan All-Armenian Fund unveils sports field and playground in Bavra
Posted on May 04, 2016
On May 4, the residents of Bavra, a village in Armenia’s Shirak Region, celebrated the opening of their community’s sports field and playground, which was built through the sponsorship of Hayastan All-Armenian Fund benefactors Nshan Devejian and his family, of Argentina.

Among those who attended the jubilant opening ceremony were Shirak governor Hovsep Simonyan and other local officials, and a delegation of benefactors including Nshan Devejian, Boghos Ekserciyan, and Arman Bulbulian. The delegation was headed by Hayastan All-Armenian Fund executive director Ara Vardanyan.

The newly built sports field and playground provides leisure to children and adults alike. The netted sports field is designed for games including minifootball, volleyball, and basketball. The fenced outdoor playground features a complement of exercise and play equipment and benches.

“Bavra is the northern gate of our homeland, and our wish is that this first community at the entrance of Armenia will impress visitors with its wonderful public structures and modern amenities,” Nshan Devejian said in his remarks during the opening ceremony and added, “We’re committed to continuing to assist Bavra with new projects.”

In recent years, the Devejian family has sponsored a string of development initiatives in Bavra, which has a population of around 700 and is located near the Georgian border. The initiatives include the complete refurnishing of the local school and the establishment of a computer room inside it, as well as the construction of a multifunctional community center, which houses the mayor’s office, an event hall, a library, and a computer room.
Mr. and Mrs. Nshan and Silva Devejian, who have been named Honorary Citizens of Bavra, also provide social assistance to the community.

Argentinean-Armenian benefactors are behind some of the most far-reaching development projects to be implemented in the Armenian homeland. Through the joint sponsorship of the Devejian and Ekserciyan families and Krikor Simsiroglu, the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund has built a multifunctional community center in Karin Tak, Artsakh. Currently the fund is building a kindergarten in Karin Tak, likewise with the joint sponsorship of the aforementioned benefactors and additional support from the Greek-Armenian community; as well as an irrigation network in Baghanis, a border village in Armenia’s Tavush Region.