Hayastan All-Armenian Fund’s German affiliate raises close to 80,000 euros in donations and pledges
Posted on November 21, 2016
In the course of the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund’s Pan-European Phoneathon, the organization’s German affiliate has raised close to 80,000 euros in donations and pledges. For three days during the phoneathon, which was held during November 17-20 and headed by the fund’s French affiliate, more than 15 volunteers stationed in Munich called thousands of Armenian and non-Armenian households in Germany to request their support for vital projects benefiting our compatriots in Armenia and Artsakh.

The fund’s German affiliate will allocate a significant portion of its phoneathon proceeds to the purchase of up to three apartments for homeless families in Gyumri. As in the previous several years, some of the proceeds will be used to provide urgent assistance to war-affected Syrian-Armenians.

The Munich phoneathon is a first in the 24-year history of the Pan-European Phoneathon. By holding a local event in conjunction and concurrently with the Pan-European Phoneathon in France, the fund’s German affiliate has achieved considerable savings in terms travel and hotel expenses. It’s also worth noting that this year the work of phoneathon operators and volunteers reached optimal efficiency, thanks to the availability of state-of-the-art telecommunications equipment.

“Once again we convey our gratitude to our volunteers and donors alike, for their generosity, loyalty, and trust,” stated a representative of the fund’s German affiliate and added, “We also would like to emphasize that our fundraising efforts are ongoing, and that our supporters can make donations anytime by visiting our website (himnadram.de/spendenkonto.html), where they’ll find information regarding wire transfers to our bank account.”