Sponsored by: Hayastan All Armenian Fund - France,
Start Start date: January 01, 2001
Status Status: Ongoing


Status: Annual
Financing: Boghossian Foundation, France

In 2000, Boghossian Foundation from France founded the President of the Republic Prize. The Hayastan All-Armenian Fund has undertaken the organization of the President Prize awarding procedures.
The President of the Republic Prize is awarded annually having an aim to promote the development of natural and medical sciences, arts, literature, as well as humanistic values.

Initially, the Prize fund amounted to $25000 envisaged for 5 nominations.
Beginning from 2006, the Boghossian Foundation allocates $80000 annually to be distributed among the following 13 nominations:

-Persons having made a valuable contribution in recognition of the Armenian Genocide. In this nomination two Prizes are awarded:
a) one Prize - to a citizen of the Republic of Armenia, or a person of Armenian origin, or an organization of Armenia;
b) one Prize - to a non-Armenian author or foreign organization.

1. Natural Sciences
2. Technical Sciences & Information Technologies
3. Physics
4. Medical Sciences
5. Arts
6. Literature
7. Humanities

- Activities & Projects Promoting the Development and Spreading of Humanistic Values.
- The President of the Republic Youth Prizes in the field of classical music are awarded in the
following nominations:
a/ Vocal art - 1 Prize
b/ Instrumental performance - 1 Prize
- The President of the Republic Youth Prizes are awarded in the following nominations:
a/ Fine Arts and Film (including painting, sculpture, graphic arts, tapestry, ceramics, photo
art, design, etc) – 3 Prizes
b/ Literature - 1 Prize
The Prize awarding ceremony, as a rule, takes place every year in May. The Prizes are awarded by the President of the Republic of Armenia.