Sponsored by: Hayastan All Armenian Fund – Lebanon
Start Start date: January 01, 2006
End End date: September 01, 2006
Status Status: Ongoing


Project Title: Rehabilitation of the drinking water supply system in Marmarashen
Project Location: Ararat
Project Category: Infrastructure Development
Project Status: On-going
Project Description:
Community of Marmarashen is situated in the Ararat province of Armenia. This province is located in the north-east of the country. The province occupies 2,003 km (around 7.0%) of the territory of Armenia. There are four urban and 92 rural communities in the province. The total population of the province is 252,665 people, out of which Marmarashen community has 3,300 inhabitants.
Not sufficient allocation of financial resources for the necessary rehabilitations and appropriate maintenance of the water supply systems, including pipelines, regulatory networks, etc., led to their physical destruction. Such conditions of water supply systems become a main reason for firstly big losses and secondly, their not proper functioning leads to many disease transfers through broken systems.
Marmarashen community was established in 1828. In 1991 new district was built in the village. Currently, 65 families, or 450 people, are leaving in this district. The existing pipeline supplying drinking water to the old districts community starts at Nor Kharberd water reservoir. It does not supply water to the new district. Also, the water main passes through the community’s cemetery, which is against all sanitary norms.
Currently, the local municipality is implementing project to move the main pipeline from the territory of the cemetery. The proposed project is only for the construction of the internal distribution network for the new district with length 2,500 m and d=50-75mm.
Donor: Hayastan All-Armenian Fund, Lebanon Committee
Project Start: January 2006
Project End: expected completion at August 2006