Sponsored by: Hayastan All Armenian Fund - France
Start Start date: August 01, 2006
End End date: August 01, 2006
Status Status: Ongoing


Project Description:
Aygek village is located at 15 km from Yerevan. According to the 2001 census of the population the population of the village is 1103. There are
about 200 families living in the community. Due to the barren soil people
are not engaged in farming. Only a few families breed some cattle.
The Aygek school was built in 1946 and has never undergone any repair. It
is the only school in the community. The building is in extremely poor
condition. The roof is almost ruined. Rain flows into the rooms damaging the
old furniture, walls and parquet. There is no auditorium and gymnasium. All
the events take place in classrooms. Lessons of physical training are
organized outdoors.
Some 230 pupils attend the school. All the 17 classrooms of the school are
in bad condition. All the doors and windows need to be replaced. The
parquet is torn off. In some places it lacks at all. There is only one table and
a few chairs in the staffroom. There are no bookcases in the classrooms and
the existing furniture is unusable.
In the frame of the project desks, chairs, bookcases, black boards,
armchairs have been provided to the school.
Donor: Fonds Armenien de France, FRANCE
Project Start: July 2005
Project End: expected completion at September 2006