Start Start date: November 01, 2006
End End date: August 01, 2007
Status Status: Ongoing


Dasht community is located in the Armavir province of Armenia. The total population of the province is 255,861 people, out of which Dasht community has 800 inhabitants. The secondary, community-based school of Dasht was built in 1962. Initially the school was envisaged for eight-year education, but in 1999 it obtained a status of secondary school. It is a one storey building consisted of two blocks with 15 classrooms. Originally the school has one block, later the nearby community shop was connected with the main building. Currently the school has 150 pupils attending.

Since its construction the school has never undergone any basic repair. As a result, the roof, floor, doors and windows are out of order. Also, the sanitary units for teachers and pupils are located out of the school building. The school does not have heating system as well. However, the most urgent is the reconstruction of the roof, since it could collapse any time.

Recently, with the assistance of the “Hayastan” All-Armenian Fund affiliate in France new furniture was provided to the school. In particular, the school received new desks, teacher chairs and tables, bookcases, blackboards and furniture for the administration rooms, i.e. director’s and teachers’ rooms. Additionally, in September 2006 the school’s roof was renovated. Specifically, the supporting structures of the roof were strengthened, as well as the roof covering was replaced.

Sponsor - Fonds Armenien de France, France
Project Start: 03 November 2006
Project End: 08 August 2007