Sponsored by: Hayastan All Armenian Fund - France
Start Start date: February 01, 2007
End End date: November 01, 2007
Status Status: Ongoing


The town of Masis is situated in the province of Ararat. This province is located in the north-east of the country. The province occupies 2,003 km2 (around 7.0%) of the territory of Armenia. There are four urban and 92 rural communities in the province. The total population of the province is 274,700 people, out of which Masis town has 21,800 inhabitants.

The building of the Masis hospital was constructed in 1970s. It is three-storey standard building. The hospital serves the patients from Masis town and surrounding villages. The hospital has never been renovated, due to which the majority of hospital’s premises need major renovation. However, the most acute is the condition of gynecology department.

Within the project the hospital’s gynecology department was refurbished, including the reception, shower cabin and five wards. In particular, the doors and windows were changed to ensure more effective heating of the building. Additionally the electric net was replaced, walls, ceiling and floors in the wards and in the corridor was refurbished. Total area of the premises to renovated was 310 m2.

Donor: Fonds Arménien de France, FRANCE

Project Start: February 2007

Project End: expected completion at November 2007