Sponsored by: Hayastan All Armenian Fund – Montreal, Canada, Hayastan All Armenian Fund – Argentina
Start Start date: March 01, 2007
End End date: June 01, 2007
Status Status: Ongoing


The Museum of Armenian Genocide was founded in 1995 in time to commemorate the eightieth anniversary. This two-story building is located at and in the side of a hill so as not to detract from the imposing presence of the Genocide Monument nearby, which was constructed in 1967. The roof of the building is flat and covered by concrete tiles. It serves as a scenic view point overlooking the Ararat valley and Mount Ararat.

The first floor of the Museum is below grade and houses administrative, engineering and technical maintenance offices and spaces, a 170-seat hall (Komitas Hall), storage rooms for museum and scientific objects, a library and a reading hall. The Museum exhibit is mounted in the second floor in a space which is over 1000 square meters. It occupies three indoor halls and one outdoor hall and its hallway. An eight meters long and three meters wide basalt stone lies on the floor of the outdoor hall and the hallway. The outdoor hall symbolizes the eternal memory of the victims of the 1915 Genocide and the unity of the Armenian people spread throughout the world.

There are two internal toilet rooms located at the first floor of the museum. Additionally, the Museum has two external toilet rooms, which are used by the visitors of the Memorial also. Both external and internal rooms were old, not renovated since the construction and did not correspond to the needs of the museum. In particular, they were not suitable to serve the gradually increasing number of visitors.

Within the project both the internal and external toilet rooms were reconstructed.

Donor : Fondo Nacional Armenia, ARGENTINA, Fondation Hayastan Inc. Montreal, CANADA
Start : 26 March, 2007
End: 08 June, 2007