Start Start date: August 01, 2009
End End date: May 01, 2011
Status Status: Ongoing


The Community of Togh is located in Hadrut region of Artsakh. Hadrut is the most mountainous region of Karabakh. It borders with Azerbaijan in the south. The region occupies 724 km2 of the territory of the republic and comprises of one urban and 40 rural communities.

According to the 2005 census, the total population of the region is around 12,000 people; this is about 8.3% of the total population of the country. The community of Togh has 720 inhabitants, 45 out of which are children of pre-school age. With the steady growth of the population in the community, significant increase is expected in the number of children.

The community of Togh has 720 inhabitants, out of which 45 are children of pre-school age. The community is gradually growing and it is expected that the number of children will steadily increase. The village is considered to be one of the communities that bore the first blow at the outset of Artsakh liberation war and carries a special significance for the people of Karabakh.

The secondary school of Togh is located in a two-storey building constructed in 1978. The school had never undergone renovation until Hayastan All Armenian Fund initiated the project of upgrading the school in 2007. There are 108 students currently attending the school. The building has 20 classrooms, a gym, offices for the school staff and the principal as well as auxiliary facilities. Before the renovation, the school also lacked a heating system, which made the task of holding classes during the winter months very problematic.
The first phase of the project saw the full reconstruction and refurnishing of the left wing of the school building. The Fund also installed a new heating system and upgraded the lavatories. The floors, doors and windows of the classrooms have been repaired. Additionally, the power lines had been replaced. The Fund has also carried out repair works on the interior of the building.

Within the frames of the project’s second phase, the right wing of the building went under full renovation, where not only the children from the community but also the children of school age from around ten neighboring communities have the opportunity to attend. The renovated part includes 4 blocks, each of which has a separate constructive system. The bearing walls of the block were reinforced. 6 rooms of the second floor of the public education block were transformed into sleeping rooms and serve as the high school dormitory and the other 5 rooms as the music school dormitory. The sleeping rooms are fully equipped. The rest 7 rooms of the second floor were renovated and serve as musical classrooms. The renovated rooms of the first floor serve as singing and dancing studios. The events hall and the sports hall were also renovated. The surrounding area was reconstructed. The engineering communications of the school building were fully replaced. A new heating system was installed.

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