Start Start date: June 01, 2010
End End date: May 01, 2012
Status Status: Ongoing


Shushi is situated in the center of Nagorno Karabakh and is at a distance of 12 kilometers from the capital Stepanakert. The total population of Shushi is around 3000.

The water supply system of the town was built in 1980s and utilized a pipeline built in mid 19 century (Tadevos pipeline) to bring water to town. The internal distribution network received water from three daily regulation reservoirs to ensure stable supply of potable water. During the Artsakh Liberation War, the internal network was severely damaged, sometimes cutting off entire districts from access to clean drinking water. During the last decade, the Government of Artsakh as well as a number of humanitarian organizations have partially tackled the water issue of the historic town. Most notably, the Tadevos pipeline has been rehabilitated, which included the replacement of almost the entire pipeline. The situation with the daily regulation reservoirs and the overall internal distribution network remained lackluster. Currently, the people of Shushi receive water two or three times a week for about two hours. The local authorities were perpetually struggling to keep the dilapidated network from complete breakdown.

Within the Hayastan Fund’s Shushi development initiative, the town water issue is being comprehensively addressed. This includes rehabilitation of water purification station, the daily regulation reservoirs as well as the construction of a new reservoir. An embracive internal distribution network has been constructed and effectively covered all the districts of Shushi and ensured a round the clock access to clean drinking water to its residents.
The project was implemented in several stages. The first and second stages were underway. Currently, preparatory works are being carried out for the third and forth stages.

Donor: Samvel Karapetyan /Moscow Fundraising Gala/