Sponsored by: Hayastan All Armenian Fund – Lebanon, All Armenians,
Start Start date: September 01, 2010
End End date: May 01, 2012
Status Status: Ongoing


Mets Shen is one of the eight villages of Shushi region. The population of the community is 118. The main occupation of the community members is agriculture.

The village is steadily developing after the end of Artsakh Liberation War. However, the community still faces a number of social infrastructure issues – absence of an adequate facility for a mayor’s office, a functional health care point, a community library and an events hall.

Currently, the mayor’s office is located in the building of the old telephone station and the health care point occupies part of the dilapidated facility of a hospital. The community library is housed in one of the rooms of the village school. Most of the facilities listed are in an unsatisfactory condition – most were built during the Soviet times and were critically damaged during the Artsakh conflict. The community has never had an events hall.

In the frames of Shushi town and Shushi region revival project, the Hayastan Fund has worked out a comprehensive solution, which will effectively tackle these social infrastructure issues of Mets Shen by building a multi functional facility in the village.

The initiative saw the construction of a 195 m2 two storied community center. The newly constructed building includes the mayor’s office and the healthcare point with a separate entrance and all the conditions to provide basic health care to the community residents. The building also includes facilities for the community library and as well as an events hall and auxiliary rooms which can be used for arts and crafts as well as conducting trainings and seminars. The building is equipped with heating and ventilation systems.