Start Start date: February 01, 2009
End End date: December 01, 2012
Status Status: Ongoing


Being built next to the main entrance of Stepanakert the republican hospital can be seen from each side of the city. An individual design has been elaborated for the building, taking into account the landscape relief of the hospital location. The hospital can serve 120 patients simultaneously.
Local construction materials will be used for the hospital construction. The building will be covered with Karabakh marble. The internal decoration will be made with aseptic and easy washable materials which are approved by international standards.


Due to the circle and semi-circle architecture of the building the corridors connecting the departments and wards are short enough saving the heating, cooling and airing expenses.
While designing the hospital the specialists has also taken into account the conveniences for the staff. A conference-hall will be constructed at the glass made part of the building.
The hospital will have internal and external green spaces, which will also contribute to the speedy recovering of patients.