Sponsored by: Armenia Fund USA, Government of Artsakh
Start Start date: April 01, 2011
End End date: May 01, 2013
Status Status: Ongoing


Karmir Shuka village with population of 1042 is located 35 km from Martuni town. The main occupation of the residents is the agriculture and cattle breeding.

The issue of drinking water in Karmir Shuka village had been prevailing for many years. The village had never had a potable water inner network so people carried it in small tanks and buckets from the nearest water springs, located in different districts of the village.

Hayastan All Armenian Fund initiative saw the construction of two daily regulation reservoirs with their sanitary zones. In addition to this and to ensure a comprehensive and long lasting solution to the issue, a 15km long new water main has been built along with an internal distribution system. The newly constructed potable water supply system ensures regular and dependable water distribution in every house of the beneficiary community.