Start Start date: October 01, 2011
End End date: August 01, 2012
Status Status: Ongoing


Vank village is located in Martakert region of Artsakh. The area of the region is 1705 sq. km. The region consists of one town and 60 rural communities. Out of 11000 historical monuments of Artsakh, 2765 are located in Martakert region. The population of the region is 19000.

The village of Vank has 4500 residents. The community sustained considerable damage during the Artsakh Liberation War with shelling basically destroying the village irrigation network, the roads and other key elements of the village infrastructure. The many projects implemented in Vank in the recent years have effectively tackled the main infrastructure needs of the historic village. The 2008 Hayastan All Armenian Fund implemented project saw the construction of the village water main and the establishment of an internal distribution network.

Within the second phase of the project, the Fund carried out the construction of the connection lines between the internal distribution network and the village households. Now the households are provided with stable and dependable water supply.