Sponsored by: Government of Artsakh, Armenia Fund, Inc
Start Start date: November 01, 2011
End End date: May 01, 2016
Status Status: Ongoing


Community of Hadrut is the administrative center of Hadrut region of Nagorno Karabakh Republic. The region forms the southern border of Karabakh, and one of its most mountainous parts. The region occupies 724 km² of the territory of the Republic. There is one urban settlement and 40 rural communities in the region. According to the census conducted in 2005, the total population of the region is around 12,000 people, which comprises about 8.3% of the total population of NKR. The town of Hadrut has 2,714 inhabitants.

In the framework of the project implemented by Hayastan All Armenian Fund, in order to improve the drinking water supply of Hadrut town, a new 20 km water supply pipeline connecting Hadrut to the Arjaghbyur spring was constructed. Additionally, within the same project the Hadrut daily reservoir was reconstructed and the distribution wells were renovated.


Hadrut town water main was constructed with the sponsorship of the Fund’s France local committee and benefactor Hrair Hovnanian. The implemented initiative seriously improved the situation of water supply system. Nevertheless, the internal distribution network of the town was in a dilapidated condition and required reconstruction.


Within the second phase of the project sponsored by the Fund’s USA Western Region local committee this issue will effectively be tackled. The Hadrut city water supply system is divided into seven zones. The internal water supply network with regulation and watershed reservoirs (with a total length of 22 km) will be constructed in order to improve the system. The existing daily regulation reservoirs and deep wells will be reconstructed, as well as new daily regulation reservoirs and pumping stations will be constructed. After the completion of the project, the residents of Hadrut town will be provided with round the clock water supply.

Donors: Armenia Fund. Inc; Jerry Turpanjian; Government of NKR