Sponsored by: Government of Artsakh, Hayastan All Armenian Fund - Russia
Start Start date: March 01, 2013
End End date: November 01, 2014
Status Status: Ongoing


Kashatagh region is one of the seven regions of Artsakh. The regional center is the town of Berdzor. The population of the town is 2200 and it is situated at an elevation of 1000-1200m above the sea. The water of the town of Berdzor is supplied from the underground sources: these are six wells constructed on the left bank of the Hagari River and the Saralanj and Qarega captations situated in the north–east part of the town. The water coming from wells is taken via the pumping station to daily regulation reservoirs, built in the higher elevation part of the town. From the daily regulation reservoirs, the water is directed into the internal distribution network.


The water supply system of the town of Berdzor was built in 1960-80s and it was in a poor condition: the water main between the wells and the daily regulation reservoirs was in an emergency state; approximately 80% of the internal distribution network was in dilapidated state. The distribution network pipeline was installed only 20-30cm deep in the ground, which resulted in freezing of water in winter. Three of the six pumps installed in the wells were out of service; the other three were frequently malfunctioning. These issues resulted in the loss of a great amount of water – making it very problematic to provide the residents with sufficient amount of potable water.


Hayastan All Armenian Fund initiative saw the full reconstruction of the water supply system of the town of Berdzor: new pumps have been installed in each of the six wells, the pumping station has been equipped with new and modern equipment, 1115 meter long water main has also been reconstructed. This massive project also included the rehabilitation of the daily regulation reservoirs and the construction of a nearly 27km long new internal distribution network.

Currently the second phase of the construction of Berdzor village water supply system is in the process. Installation of pressure pipeline and gauging wells is also being realized. The reconstruction of the water supply system of the town of Kashatagh will prevent the further loss of water and ensure round the clock water supply for the residents of the town.