Start Start date: September 01, 2014
End End date: May 01, 2017
Status Status: Ongoing


Sos village is located in Martuni region of Artsakh. The community has 1042 residents and occupies the territory of 2010 hectares. The village was founded around three hundred years ago and is one of the communities of Artsakh where grape growing is a traditional and predominant occupation for the local farmers. The residents of Sos village took active part in defending their land during the Artsakh Liberation War with 38 members of the community losing their life during.

Hayastan All Armenian Fund has previously worked in the village of Sos – namely, in 2010, with the assistance of the Fund’s France affiliate, a new potable water network was built for the village, ensuring that people of Sos now have a round the clock water supply. The bombardments left a large part of the village in ruins with shells damaging the village school and the village kindergarten being transformed into a field hospital to provide the wounded with emergency medical assistance. The building of kindergarten was in dilapidated condition and was not seismically safe. So Hayastan All Armenian Fund built a new kindergarten for the village and within the project the area around the new kindergarten was also upgraded.

The building of the school is also in dilapidated condition and it’s impossible to renovate it. Within Hayastan All Armenian Fund initiative the new school has constructed.

Donors: Armenia Fund, Inc.; Jerry Turpanjian