Sponsored by: Hayastan All Armenian Fund - France, Government of Artsakh
Start Start date: April 01, 2013
End End date: May 01, 2014
Status Status: Ongoing


Aknaghbyur village is situated 29 km away from regional administrative center, and 70 km away from Stepanakert. The former name of the village was Aghbulagh (White spring). The name was associated with the spring situated in the east. In 1989 the village was renamed from Aghbulagh to Aknaghbyur. The first residences of Aknaghbyur (8 families) came from Gharadagh (Iran). The population of Aknaghbyur is 334. Now the church constructed in 1866 is destroyed.


The municipality of Aknaghbyur was located in the former club building. The village has a school with 58 students currently attending. There is a health care point and an events hall in the village. There is also a new constructed reservoir.


Hayastan All Armenian Fund built a community center in Aknaghbyur village of Hadrut Region. The community center is a two-story multifunctional building, which includes municipality, event hall, library, computer lab, health care point and foyer. The community center is furnished, the heating and ventilation systems are also installed in the building.

Community centers are of vital importance to the ongoing social and economic development of rural areas in Armenia and Artsakh. They help streamline public services, foster a more dynamic civic life, and, ultimately, provide residents with one more compelling reason to continue living and working in their hometowns. The construction of the Aknaghbyur community center addresses a number of longstanding issues, for instance relieving key public institutions from having to operate in unsuitable quarters.