The warm winter of children in Vandzor Kindergarten N30
Posted on December 12, 2018

One after another, children in Vanadzor Kindergarten are reciting poems at their New Year party, one with his head held high and loudly, the other in a low voice and feeling shy. After having welcomed the guests, one of the kids suddenly said: “My daddy went to work.” The others followed the boy and joined in an amicable conversation about what they love, whom they miss, what they want from Santa.

“Santa can’t find the present I wish,” says Rafael staring to the floor with his green eyes.

“What is the present you wish so much?”

“A limousine car, and bride and groom,” says the five-year-old boy.

“But why that?”, I ask him with surprise.

“In order to marry them,” he said genuinely surprised at my senseless question and continued, “My father saw the Santa in a shop. Santa told him that he has been looking for such a present but could not find. Now I have to ask for another present, I think.”

Rafael’s thoughts were interrupted as his friends gathered around him and started to tell what they were going to ask from Santa. Planes and cars were the most expected.

Meanwhile, the teachers were watching the children and smiling. Their wishes have been already realized. Hayastan All-Armenian Fund has renovated and upgraded the heating system of the kindergarten, through the sponsorship of the US based Juliangel foundation. The old system consisting of meatal pipes and heaters was outdated and no longer fit for use. The Juliangel foundation has also provided a new furniture to the preschool.

The N30 kindergarten is one of the 22 nursery schools currently operating in Vanadzor. It was built just after the earthquake, in 1989. At present, over 200 children attend the kindergarten.