Sponsored by: All Armenians
Start Start date: January 10, 2018
End End date: December 31, 2018
Status Status: Ongoing
Number of beneficiaries Number of beneficiaries: 281

Martuni Region is located in the south-east of Artsakh, 400 meters above sea level. There are 36 communities in the region. The major cities are Chartar and Martuni, which is also the regional center of the region. Berdashen, Gishi, Taghavard and Sos villages are among the major communities of the region.
Askeran Region is one of the eight regions of Artsakh Republic. It has 47 rural communities. The regional center is Askeran city.


Faithful to the goal of Fruitful Artsakh Telethon 2017, though contributions of Armenians worldwide, Hayastan Fund is carrying out works on drilling of deep-water wells in 15 villages of Artsakh’s Martuni and Askeran Regions. To expand the irrigated lands in Artsakh, the Fund is carrying out works in the sections of Martuni Region’s Kajavan 5, Mukhank 1, City surrounding, 1,2, Chanshin area, Artsakhgas area, Haghorti farm, Spitakashen surrounding, Varanda surrounding, Haghorti surrounding, Babakhach, Dyuzintak in Gishi, Asthsshen crossroad, Khnapat and Khramort villages of Askeran Region. In Hovsepavan village of Askeran Region the first water well has been already put into execution.
Due to the lack of access to irrigation, only 7% of agricultural lands in Artsakh are cultivated. Drilling of deep-water wells will help expand and effectively use the lands.

The deep-water wells, based on the geographic specificities of the location, will have a diameter of 200-400mm and depth of up to 150m with the average flow of 10-20l per second. The average electrical current necessary for the operation of the well pumps is 45KW. The electrical supply will be ensured by the construction of an average of 200-500m 10KW power line and the installation of 63-160KW power transformer sub-stations. The irrigation network will include the construction of an up to 1000m pipeline with the diameter of 110-160mm and the installation of up to 10 outlets. Thus, each well will be able to irrigate 15-25 hectares of land. The project will not only result in significant growth in agriculture but also create stable and sustainable jobs for Artsakh farmers.