Sponsored by: Government of Artsakh, Armenia Fund, Inc
Start Start date: October 20, 2017
End End date: August 20, 2018
Status Status: Ongoing

Talish community is situated in Martakert Region of the Republic of Artsakh. Martakert Region in northern Artsakh occupies an area of 1,705 km2, from which 108.5 km2 is under Azerbaijan’s control.
Talish is a north frontier village in Artsakh, the population of which was forced by the Azerbaijans to leave its homeland during the Artsakh liberation war. The village, which has a long border with Azerbaijan, currently faces a host of difficulties to overcome, including social problems.
The village was severely damaged during the 2016 Armenian–Azerbaijani clashes. In the aftermath of Azeri bombardments the events hall building was destroyed, and the roof of the community administration building was also demolished. The community of Talish had about 546 residents before the four day war. Now, the total number of the village’s residents is 18 dawn to.


Hayastan All Armenian Fund continues its large-scale infrastructure reconstruction projects in Talish village. At present, the community center, health care point and the club are being reconstructed. The project includes the improvement of the building structures’ surrounding area.

At present, the events hall are being reconstructed. The project includes the improvement of the building structures’ surrounding area. The events hall, which has undergone a complete structural redesign, refurbishment and upgrades, is designed for up to 250 persons. The facility will be also provided with necessary furniture and equipment.

There are a number of challenges facing the community today. The most urgent issue was the lack of potable water. This was an issue that needed to be addressed quickly and effectively as it directly affected the lives of all the community members. Currently, Hayastan All Armenian Fund is building a 4.5 km long potable water network in Talish, which will ensure regular and dependable water distribution in every house of the beneficiary community.

Within the Talish revitalization project, the Hayastan Fund is also constructing a 2.2 km long sewerage network for the community. After the construction works the residents will have stable water supply unhindered by mechanical failures.

Hayastan All Armenian Fund is constructing a social center in Talish. It will serve the daily needs of the residents. The center will include centralized services with community significance.

Besides the above-mentioned projects, Hayastan All Armenian Fund is reconstructing 18 houses with underground bomb shelters in the community.

Infrastructure development will effectively tackle a number of long-standing issues for the village making the life of the community much easier and more comfortable, as well as helping overcome the damages sustained during the most recent flare-up of hostilities. Talish village rehabilitation is an important issue for the Republic of Artsakh and the Armenians in general.