Start Start date: May 01, 2017
End End date: June 17, 2017
Status Status: Ongoing


On June 17, Hayastan Fund opened a molecular genetics laboratory at the genetics and cytology chair of Yerevan State University’s biology faculty. The laboratory is equipped with modern facilities. The new devices will allow the students to explore the structure of blood DNA, detect the mutations; as well as study the genetics of the plants and their resistance to various diseases. The laboratory is named after a famous French-Armenian biologist Dr. Christophe Terzian, who passed away in 2016.
Terzian’s mother and daughters who were present at the opening ceremony expressed their joy as the biologist’s efforts to advance science in Armenia will be continued by future generations. Ruben Harutyunyan, head of the Chair of Genetics and Cytology, tells: “When Dr. Christophe Terzian was visiting YSU in the 90’s he was dreaming of having an advanced laboratory in the university and developed genetics in the whole country. Today, the scientist’s dream came true.”