Sponsored by: Hayastan All Armenian Fund – Argentina
Start Start date: June 01, 2017
End End date: August 24, 2018
Status Status: Ongoing
Number of beneficiaries Number of beneficiaries: 420

Since 2007, thanks to the projects implemented by the Fund and with about 1.5mln USD invested by Ekserciyan family, the 412 residents of Ditavan village now have a natural gas network, drinking and irrigation water networks (the irrigation channel is constructed with French-Armenian sponsorship), a new school, a reconstructed community center and over two dozen greenhouses. The beneficiary family also supports newlyweds and newborns, as well as fosters agricultural development initiatives. As a gratitude, the central street, the school and the square are named in honor of Ekserciyan family, who are also honorable citizens of Ditavan.


Hayastan All Armenian Fund has launched the construction of a multi-functional sports complex in Ditavan village. Sport events and trainings will be held in the modern sport center (504 square meters). The complex will also house a pre-school section for the younger members of the community. In case of emergency, the basement floor of the sports center will serve as a bomb shelter for the residents of the border village.