Sponsored by: Armenia Fund, Inc
Start Start date: July 26, 2017
End End date: January 20, 2019
Status Status: Ongoing


Hayastan All-Armenian Fund has started the construction of a new kindergarten in the center of Ijevan. The kindergarten will accommodate up to 150 children. This year, on July 26 the ground breaking ceremony was held with the participation of Armenian-American benefactors Mr. and Mrs. Hartoonian and their children Nairi, Dvin and Meghedi. The children together with their parents laid the cornerstone of the kindergarten so that their peers will have the chance to attend a modern and comfortable kindergarten just a year from now. After the ceremony, benefactors Grisha Sookiasian and Sonik Artounian also visited the kindergarten construction site to learn more about the ongoing works. The new kindergarten is being built near the old kindergarten. About 120 children currently attend this three-story dilapidated facility. Their parents look forward to the completion of the new kindergarten construction works, after which their children will finally be able to move to a 21st century facility.

The new kindergarten will be the largest buildings of this type that the Fund has ever built with the total area of about 1200 square meters.