Four greenhouses have been built in Aygehovit, with the financial support of Brazilian-Armenian community
Posted on November 29, 2017

The Hayastan All-Armenian Fund continues to support development of greenhouse farming, shaping a modern image of an Armenian village. With support from its Brazilian affiliate, in autumn 2017, the Fund constructed four greenhouses, each measuring about 100 square meters, in Aygehovit community of Tavush Region. This is the first investment of the Brazilian-Armenian community in the greenhouse project.

Aygehovit is the site of another agriculture development project, the renovation of the 3.5km long Aygehovit-Vazashen canal and a pump station, which the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund implemented in 2012 with the co-sponsorship of its French and Argentinean affiliates.

The development of greenhouse farming is of far-reaching importance for the growth of local agriculture. In total, over 110 greenhouse have been built in Armenia’s Tavush Region, with contribution of the Fund's Argentinean-Armenian benefactors, and Armenian communities of Australia and Brazil.