Sponsored by: Hayastan All Armenian Fund – Australia
Start Start date: December 01, 2013
End End date: February 01, 2014
Status Status: Ongoing


In 1958, Toros Lavchyan initiated the establishment of number 6 Music School in Kanaker district of Yerevan. Several years later, the school was named after composer, conductor and pedagogue Anushavan Ter-Ghevondyan. The school is the only cultural-educational center of its kind in Kanaker district. The school has piano, stringed, brass, national instruments and vocal departments, as well as aesthetic development courses, which include drawing, dancing and chess classes.

Since its inception, the school has been able to attract dedicated professionals who have worked towards achieving the core mission of the school - introducing the world of art and creativity to the children living in Kanaker district, helping them understand and appreciate the beauty of art. Currently, there are 400 students studying at the school. They participate in various international, national and city events, competitions and festivals on a regular basis and have won numerous prizes and certificates.


Since 1968 the Music School has not been renovated. The overall condition of the facilities of the school is not satisfactory, creating additional challenges in terms of conducting adequate educational process.


Within Hayastan All Armenian Fund project, the dance hall and the dressing room of Yerevan Music School after Anushavan Ter-Ghevondyan were renovated. The inter-storey covers were reconstructed, new windows and doors were installed along with a new heating system.