Sponsored by: Hayastan Foundation Toronto (Independent Charitable Organization)
Start Start date: March 01, 2015
End End date: July 01, 2016
Status Status: Ongoing


Nalbandyan is one of the oldest villages in the Armavir region of Armenia. The village is named after the prominent Armenian poet Mikael Nalbandian. Nalbandyan is located 60km away from Yerevan in Araks valley at the bank of Kasagh river. The village has over 5000 inhabitants, whose ancestors moved here from the Surmalu, Khnus, Alashkert villages of Western Armenia, as well as from the Khoi and Salmast villages of Iranian Armenia in 1828-1829 and 1915-1916. The population is mainly engaged in fruit and vegetable growing, viticulture, cattle-breeding. The village has a school, library, medical center and a communication hub.


Currently 573 students are attending the school, which was built in 1950s. It consists of a three-storey educational building and a single-storey gymnasium. The educational building, in its turn, is composed of three small buildings. Also, the area includes playgrounds. In the past years, the school had gone through very limited renovations and replacements such as the roof, the heating system and the doors. The gym is ruined, while the floor areas, walls, the entire stairway and the only washroom of the building are in dilapidated condition. Plus the furniture has never been repaired or replaced with new ones. The school is in highly need of renovation.


Hayastan All-Armenian Fund’s Toronto benefactors Mr. and Mrs. Armen and Berjouhi Nalbandians have undertaken the project of major renovations of the school at the Nalbandian village. The project entails a total redesign of the floor areas, including the entire stairway, reinforcement of the walls for seismic endurance, roofing , rebuilding of the floors with parquet and granite, new washroom facilities for all the floors, total renovation of the gymnasium and its surrounding facilities, other internal improvements and general landscaping of the school area.