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Rural Development Program at a Glance

The vision

Hayastan All Armenian Fund Rural Development Program is aimed at revitalizing Armenia’s border villages. The Program aims at augmenting the current efforts of the government and maximizing existing input by local and international organizations in the focus sphere. Conceived during the third Armenia Diaspora conference, the Program was adopted by Hayastan All Armenian Fund in June, 2007, during the meeting of the Fund’s Board of Trustees.

Border villages have critical importance for the future of Armenia. Having strong and thriving rural communities is vital both for security reasons and for the overall economy of the country. Realizing projects in the border villages also creates a valid perspective for cross border cooperation. Today, Armenia’s border villages face a host of different challenges such as dilapidated infrastructure and lack of jobs. These problems have brought forth a wave of emigration that threatens the very existence of these communities.

Hayastan All Armenian Fund sees the solution to the problem in restoring the core infrastructure of the communities as well as stimulating the economic activity in the beneficiary villages through the implementation of economic assistance initiatives. These projects are called to establish a framework where the people living in the border villages will be given the tools to help themselves and build the village of their dreams with their own hands.

The Program Today

As the first beneficiaries of the Rural Development Program, the Fund chose six border villages in Tavush region: Aknaghbyur, Azatamut, Ditavan, Lusadzor, Lusahovit and Khashtarak. Currently in progress are a number of key infrastructure projects. Among them is the restoration of Khashtarak community school and health care point, gasification of the communities and the creation of an agricultural machinery park, which has already brought much needed relief into the lives of local farmers.

Where Tomorrow?

While continuing the work in Tavush region border villages, the Fund is also striving to reach out to the other border communities of Armenia with projects currently pending for villages in Lori and Syunik regions. To find out more please contact us at
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