Location November 23, 2012
Location Armenia
Hayastan All-Armenian Fund is pleased to announce that it successfully concluded its 15th International Telethon by raising 21 422 477 USD in donations and pledges.

The Telethon culminated Hayastan Fund’s global fundraising campaigns that included Phoneathons, gala dinners, charity concerts. The funds collected through the 2012 fundraising drive will help to construct community centers in rural regions of Artsakh and provide solutions to the critical issues of clean drinking water and irrigation water in Artsakh.

Below, are the Telethon 2011 fundraising totals by the Fund’s affiliates.

Country Donations /US dollars/
Armenia and Artsakh 2,500.000
Russia 12,100.000
France 2,196.239
Germany 122,438
Holland 58,600
Switzerland 31,800
Belgium 10,200
Greece 38,200
Italy 50,000
U.S. Eastern region 600,000
U.S. Western region 1,500.000* (figure is being reviewed)
Argentina 700,000
Brazil 100,000
Canada/Toronto 500,000
Canada/Montreal 125,000
Great Britain 170,000
India 600,000
Iran 15,000
Kuwait 5000
Total 21 422 477

Lebanon radiothon is due on December 8. Hayastan Fund continues to accept donations.