Location November 14, 2008
Location Armenia
Sponsors of the President of the Republic Prize - Boghossian Foundation (France), Jean Boghossian, Albert Boghossian

The President of the Republic Prizes 2008 have been awarded to:

Persons having made a valuable contribution to the recognition of the
Armenian Genocide
Vahagn Dadrian for his weighty scientific services rendered to the investigation of the Armenian Genocide
Wolfgang Gustfor putting the documents from the German archives into circulation and their interpretation

President of the Republic Prizes

Natural Sciences
Suren Kharatyan
Khachatur Manoukyan
Hayk Khachatryan
“Ceramic and ceramic composite materials obtained by advanced combustion synthesis technology” series of articles

Technical Sciences and Information Technologies
Vahan Avetisyan
“Millimeter waveband automatic measurement systems for determination of antenna characteristics by the near-field technique” series of articles

Yuri Malakyan
Narek Sisakyan
Anahit Gogyan
“Development of new techniques for optical control for quantum information processing” series of articles

Norayr Adalyan
“Black square in the red desert” novel

Ruben Kevorkov
Vahe Kevorkov
Ruben Djaghinyan
Samvel Babasyan
“Autumn of the magician” documentary

President of the Republic Youth Prizes

Fine Arts and Film
Vigen Sayadyan
“Foreboding of storm” series of paintings
Ararat Minasyan
“Trial”, Trees”, “Moment”, “Sardarapat” paintings
Gurgen Petrossyan
“Leda” sculpture

Vocal Art
Hasmik Torosyan
High performance art
Hovhannes Ayvazyan
High performance art

Instrumental Performance
Arous Atchemyan (piano)
Best performance
Mary Khodjayan /(violin)
Best performance

No prizes are awarded in the fields of Medical Sciences, Humanities,
Activities & Projects Promoting the Development and Spreading of Humanistic Values, as well as Literature in the Youth Prizes.

Since founding (in 2001-2008), 140 individuals have been awarded Prizes, of which 9 were international.