Location November 20, 2009
Location Armenia
The President of the Republic Prizes 2009 have been awarded:

In Physics to
Radik Kostanyan
Eduard Kokanyan
Gagik Demirkhanyan
Vahan Babadjanyan

For the series of scientific articles “Creation and investigation of laser active and non-linear optical materials with controlled characteristics”
V. S. Atabekyan “Free periodic groups of odd period”.
V.Sh Melikyan “Design Methods of Low Power and High Speed Integrated Circuits.”

In Medical Sciences to
Smbat Djamalyan
For development of arrhythmology and electrophysiology in the Republic of Armenia

In Arts to:
Getik Baghdasaryan
Jim Torosyan
For the monument to Nerses Ashtaraketsi

In Literature to:
Vahagn Moughnetsyan
For the novel “Taboo”

In Development of Humanities to:
Hamlet Petrossyan
For the book “Khachkar: the origin, functions, iconography, and semantics”

Activities and Projects Promoting the Development and Spreading of Humanistic Values
No Prize

The President of the Republic Youth Prizes were awarded:
In Fine Arts and Film to
Ovsanna Shekoyan for series of paintings “School”
Vahagn Ghukasyan For series of paintings “Idea”
Bagrat Balabekyan for creative research in visual arts

In Literature to
Aram Pachyan (Sevak Tamamyan) for the series of stories

In Instrumental Performance of Classical Music to
Eduard Nersisyan (saxophone) for the best performance
Sona Barseghyan (piano) for the best performance
Petros Simidyan (piano) for the best performance

In Vocal Art of Classical Music to
Gurgen Baveyan for high performance art

Since establishment of the President of the Republic Prizes (2001-2010) 161 people have been awarded prizes, including 11 international prizes.