A minibus donated to Children’s Home of Gyumri
Posted on December 05, 2017

One more large family in Artsakh will start a new life in a brand-new home, built by the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund. The Fund has gifted the four-bedroom house to the family of Gary Petrosyan and Evelyna Balasanyan, in the village of Lusadzor. The project was sponsored by Garbis Norian, a benefactor of the Fund’s Hayastan Foundation Toronto.

The construction of the house had begun in April 2017. It features a complement of modern amenities and appliances, and came fully furnished. Gary and Evelyna’s family are the 26th to receive a new home through the Fund’s housing-assistance program. In 2017, 12 large families in Artsakh have been provided with new homes under the program. Currently, the Fund is building houses for 11 more families.