Hayastan All Armenian Fund renovates Maternity Ward of Yerevan’s St. Mary’s Medical Center
Posted on November 18, 2009
The Hayastan All Armenian Fund completed a thorough renovation of the Maternity Ward at St. Mary’s Medical Center in Yerevan. The project was sponsored by the fund’s British affiliate.

Under the initiative, the ward’s Birth Center, comprising almost 500 square meters, and surgery room have been fully refurbished, and the ward as a whole has been modernized thanks to a number of structural and technical improvements. The department’s electrical, water, and sewage systems have been upgraded and new hot water- and oxygen-supply systems were built. In addition, all floors and walls have been tiled, doors and windows were replaced, and lavatories with showers were installed in the patient rooms.

“The Hayastan All Armenian Fund’s British affiliate continues to finance major projects in the healthcare sphere,” said Ara Vardanyan, executive director of the fund. “The St. Mary’s Medical Center initiative is of enormous importance, especially considering the substandard conditions in which the Maternity Ward was forced to operate for so many years, to the detriment of patients. We are confident that the new, state-of-the-art ward will result in the provision of outstanding health services, and, by extension, encourage the growth of young families.”

St. Mary’s Medical Center has not undergone significant repairs ever since its establishment in 1992. On average, the hospital’s Maternity Ward delivers 1,800 babies annually. Since January 2009, the ward has provided care to some 2,250 gynecological patients and pregnant women, 1,250 of whom have given birth at the facility.

“Our staff is extremely happy that the Maternity Ward will be up and running within the next ten days and we’ll perform deliveries in a completely renovated environment,” said Dr. Nikolay Dallakyan, chief physician at St. Mary’s Medical Center. “No less an important prospect is that new mothers will receive top-notch postnatal care while recuperating in comfortable and fully equipped patient rooms,” Dr. Dallakyan continued. “We convey our deep gratitude to our benefactors, represented by Mrs. Armine Karapeti, chairperson of the Hayastan All Armenian Fund’s British affiliate.”

One of Armenia’s largest hospitals, St. Mary’s Medical Center also provides ongoing medical training and certification to students and faculty of the Yerevan State Medical University and other medical schools in the capital.

St. Mary’s Medical Center is the site of two previous renovation projects implemented by the Hayastan All Armenian Fund. In 2003 the fund revamped and furnished the hospital’s main somatic department, and in 2006 it rebuilt the Pediatric Neurosurgical Department, the only one of its kind in Armenia. Both initiatives were financed by benefactor Hagop Giritlian of Istanbul.

Currently the fund is renovating the hospital’s Postnatal and Neonatal departments.