Hayastan Fund Great Britain affiliate continues to support schools throughout Armenia’s regions
Posted on August 27, 2010
In keeping with its tradition of providing vital support to educational institutions across Armenia’s regions, the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund’s Great Britain affiliate implemented its latest assistance project this month, in time for the new school year.

During August 24-26, Mrs. Anahid Ghazarian, a representative of the Great Britain affiliate, delivered school supplies to three educational institutions: the Children’s Art School in the city of Talin, Aragatsotn Region; and the community schools of the villages of Artsni and Dzoramut, in the Lori Region. The much needed supplies, worth approximately U.S. $7,000, will benefit a total of 180 students.

In the past decade, the school-assistance program of the fund’s Great Britain affiliate, chaired by Ms. Armineh Carapeti, has benefited more than 1,800 students in the regions of Shirak, Lori, Tavush, Vayots Dzor, and Aragatsotn.

This month, as Mrs. Ghazarian delivered the donated school supplies, she was met with community celebrations at each of the campuses she visited. “In addition to sponsoring major infrastructure projects in Armenia, the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund’s Great Britain affiliate is proud to continue implementing school-assistance projects in various regions of the republic,” Mrs. Ghazarian said during one of her speeches. “As the new academic year approaches, I hope that initiatives such as these will help ease the financial burden of parents.”

Throughout Mrs. Ghazarian’s visits, parents, teachers, principals, and community leaders delivered remarks and conveyed their thanks to the fund’s Britain affiliate. Students, too, participated in the celebrations and expressed their gratitude by performing songs and recitations as well as presenting to Mrs. Ghazarian various gifts which they themselves had made. After being praised for her paintings, nine-year-old Sona, a student at the Children’s Art School in Talin, said with a bashful smile, “I would love to become a famous painter.”

As she addressed the audience at the ceremony in Dzoramut, Mrs. Aghavni Chapanyan, a mother of three schoolchildren, mentioned sadly that often students in her community avoid attending school because they lack the most essential of school supplies.

“Even the slightest bit of assistance provided to the residents of these remote communities is of great importance to them and goes a long way,” said Mariam Zenjirjyan, who oversees the program of support to educational institutions across Armenia’s regions.