Iranian-Armenian community continues to breathe new life into Nrnadzor
Posted on November 08, 2010
Since 2007, the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund has carried out far-reaching development projects in Nrnadzor, a village in Armenia’s Syunik Region, thanks to the continued support of the Iranian-Armenian community. With an opening ceremony on November 4, the fund unveiled its sixth project in Nrnadzor, a newly constructed water network, which was financed by the Executive Council of the Armenian Prelacy of Tehran.

The new water-supply system consists of a 4.3-kilometer pipeline, two reservoirs, a pump station, and a water main connected to the community’s 50 households.

“By living in this village despite so many difficulties, you’re helping secure and strengthen the borders of the homeland, and that, in itself, is an act of heroism,” said Aida Avanessian, chairperson of the Executive Council of the Armenian Prelacy of Tehran, in her remarks during the opening ceremony.

Also delivering congratulatory speeches were Armenian National Assembly delegate Gagik Gevorgyan, Nrnadzor mayor Mkrtich Mkrtchyan, community school principal Susanna Grigoryan, representatives of the Armenian Prelacy of Tehran, and Vardan Partamyan, head of the fund’s Projects and External Relations Department.

As he welcomed the guests, Partamyan said, “Our fundraising slogan this year is ‘Water Is Life.’ It conveys the basic fact that no community can grow without water. We’re very happy that the vital issue of water has at last been resolved in Nrnadzor.”

“It used to be very hard,” Nune Galstyan, a Nrnadzor resident who attended the ceremony with her five children, told us during the event. “Now, thank God, we have water. If only the village road were also taken care of, things would be much better here.”

At the conclusion of the ceremony, the Iranian-Armenian benefactors presented school bags to Nrnadzor’s 34 schoolchildren. They also promised to donate books to the school library as well as those of neighboring villages on their next visit.

Thanks to the generosity of the Iranian-Armenian community, Nrnadzor’s central streets now have lighting, its farmers have a tractor, and schoolchildren have unprecedented learning opportunities through their newly established computer room, with access to the Internet. Two other projects, sponsored by Iranian-Armenian benefactor Arbee Arzoumanian in memory of her late husband, Khajag Arzoumanian, were the provision of furniture for the recently built community school and the installation of a fence around the campus.

Currently the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund is implementing two major initiatives in the Syunik Region: the reconstruction of the Pediatric Department of the Kapan Medical Center and the provision of furniture for the Zangezur Cardiology Center, itself built by the fund.