Hayastan All-Armenian Fund’s Uruguayan affiliate holds inaugural Radiothon
Posted on November 19, 2010
The Hayastan All-Armenian Fund’s recently established Uruguayan affiliate held its maiden Radiothon on November 14, contributing to the fund’s worldwide fundraising efforts.

The Radiothon was broadcast on the local Gomidas Radio program, with several dignitaries and community leaders taking turns to make pleas for grassroots support and some 20 young volunteers accepting a steady stream of call-in pledges.

Leaders featured on the Radiothon included Vladimir Karmirshalian, the Argentina-based ambassador of Armenia to Uruguay; Archbishop Hagop Kelenjian, primate of the Uruguayan-Armenian community and honorary chairman of the fund’s Uruguayan affiliate; and affiliate Board members, all of whom made impassioned appeals for contributions.

“Our goal was to ensure the Uruguayan-Armenian community’s vigorous participation in this event, which is of vital significance to the homeland,” the fund’s affiliate Board stated. “Our collaboration with Gomidas Radio has become the impetus to repeat the Radiothon next year, thus turning it into a traditional event dedicated to the strengthening of Armenia and Artsakh.”

The total of proceeds from the Radiothon will be announced at the conclusion of Telethon 2010, which will be broadcast from Los Angeles on November 25.