Hayastan All-Armenian Fund’s Great Britain affiliate organizes a charity concert in London
Posted on November 18, 2010
On 6th November, Hayastan All-Armenian Fund of Great Britain yet again outdid itself by organising a Charity Recital that created fireworks in their own right inside the beautiful concert hall of St. John’s, in Smith Square, London. The recital was a celebration of The Republic of Armenia Independence Day as well as the participation of the Great Britain affiliate in the Telethon fund-raising event of 2010. Show-cased were some of our best talents from Armenia; a selection of individual artists in their teens and twenties, showing a maturity comparable to world-renowned professionals in their field.

There was something for everyone in the programme, a delicate balance between world classical music and traditional Armenian compositions. From Piazzolla to Tigranyan, our four vocalists, Nina Minasyan, Rima Khachatryan, Arsen Stepanyan and Seryozha Stepanyan and two instrumentalists, Davit Melkonyan and Lyudvig Hayrapetyan, tackled a wide repertoire of different musical genres with such apparent ease. The audience were stunned by the nimble handiwork of our Flutist and Saxophonist, and mesmerised by the first-class performance delivered by our vocalists. The 14 year old vocalist represented the beginning of the journey which the older soloists had travelled, and what an impressive destination they had reached, ready now for master-classes and further study amongst the best of their peers worldwide, which will catapult them onto the most revered stages in the world. The concert coordinator was Mariam Shahinyan with piano accompaniment by Ella Melik-Husyan.

Every year the bar is set so high that it is difficult to imagine what hidden treasures the Fund’s Committee will be able to unearth next, and yet somehow they do it. A most impressive and memorable evening we will continue to talk about for a long time. The Great Britain affiliate continues to promote the rich culture of our homeland and funds projects in Armenia and Artsakh, which ensure we provide the means for our talented youth to grow and flourish into the new faces of tomorrow.