Hartashen village people will get water
Posted on October 10, 2011
Hayastan Fund carries out a project directed to the comprehensive solution of the water problem in Hartashen village of Nagorno-Karabakh’s Hadrut region. A daily regulation reservoir and internal network are being constructed. The pipelines of the internal network have been already built. The project is initiated by Hayastan Fund’s French affiliate.

People, who for decades had to carry water from the two springs located in different parts of the village, look forward to have water in their houses. The project aims at facilitating the everyday life of the households.

Some 107 people live in Hartashen now. The village is located 20-22 km far from the Hadrut regional center. At present, an earth road leading to the village is being constructed.

There is no school in Hartashen and the schoolchildren have to go to the neighboring Urtsadzor village school.
The villagers hope that soon they can have a community center which could also serve as a gathering and entertainment venue for them.